Posted at: 2020-01-30

Note Patch 1.05

Update note

Balancing creatures

Some creatures have had their loot changed, while others have their strength. Especially the pirates and Ghosts so, assess their strength before starting a hunt.

Molpie, Pirate Buccaneer, Pirate Cannonslinger, Pirate Woodworker, Pirate Quartermaster, Pirate Captain, Ettin, Wyvern, Bloody Skeleton, Drake, Nekromancer, Frost Dragon, Basilisk, Bewitched Hand, Shipatch, Archer Centaur, Emerald Golem, Ruby Golem, Crystal Golem, Chuul Ancient, Wise Kuromancer, Ancient Ent, Cyclope, Ghost, Tormented Ghost, Centaur, Roc, Steel Bulete, Diluvian Hammer, Forest Golem, Performer, Troglodyte Commander, Wormib Giant, Ghost Rider, Primal Shooter, Primal Warrior, Swamp Golem, Chuul Enraged, Shaman Shandu, Brute Minotaur, Skeleton Gladiator, Kobold Guard, Trimmed Troll, Trasgo.

Nyog-Sabath-Ur now the explosions of darkness can leave a black sphere on the floor.

Balancing Classes


- Earthquake now only slows enemies.


- Fierce magnetic now hits other players if you have an open PvP.
- Air elevation changed from 2 minutes of buff to 1 minute of buff

Balancing PvP

- 5 points of bad reputation for those who give the last blow
- 2 bad fame points for the top 5 who did the most damage
- 1 point of bad reputation for the remaining 5
Totaling up to 20 points of bad reputation for the team.


- Chief Cuauhtan is now instantiated. So there is no need to wait for respawn.
- Arther Ghost is now instantiated.
- Creation of the rustic crossbow changed from 7 Kobold streamers to 5.


- Adjustments for battle list improvements
- Improvements in memory consumption
- Improvement in the painting of the minimap
- Fixed the problem of closing the client in some cases
- Minor bug fixes


- It is now possible to "look" at the character to see the name, class and level. (Open character options menu + look)
- It is possible to climb ropes even with players on top

- Added the option to follow with auto attack, just select from the battle list


- Exchange system enabled
- Improved server performance
- Improved drop in connection
- When the connection drops, the creatures stop hitting for 30 seconds
- Exit on purpose when in PvP will not log out after 60 seconds.

- Minor bug fixes

Updated rules of conduct, for more information see


Whilspe Island enhancement

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Whilspe Island enhancement

 Update Event Points Store

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Update Event Points Store

Survival Arena


Survival Arena

Bugs fix v1.11

GAME UPDATES | 2020-05-14

Bugs fix v1.11

Test Servers

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Test Servers

Patch Notes 1.10

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Patch Notes 1.10