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**June Festival event**
- Collect the flags and avoid being bitten by the snakes, as well as use the bonfires to get rid of them!
- Exchange flags for rewards with Coriander or food.
- Food can give you a little extra help at the event (They can be purchased from NPCs at the event or from the Shop).
- Win an Addon (Kite) and a trophy if you are among the first 10 to collect the most flags during the event.

**Silver and Gold Dungeons**

- To enter the new silver and gold dungeons it´s necessary to have a scroll according to your category. These scrolls can be obtained through previous tier dungeons. The higher the dungeon level, the higher the drop chances.

**New Gem Shard Bags**

- Fragments of all Tiers can be obtained through dungeons.
- Added new items to be redeemed for Twitch points on the website.
- Added new items to be redeemed for in-game daily points.

**New frozen area Lost Valley**
The Lost Valley is a mysterious and inhospitable area with equally extraordinary fauna and inhabitants in a region unexplored by adventurers from the outer realms. The gnome Cognus has set up his workshop in the wilds and wants at all costs to make his underwater contraption the first to explore this amazing place. But for that, he will need all the help he can get!

New Cognus Quest
- Help Cognus navigate to the Lost Valley.

New Ice Elemental and Polar Bear
- Face new creatures in the Lost Valley.

**June Festival outfits and addons**
- June Festival commemorative outfits and their Addons.
- Necklace june blessing (obtained with the Package - June Event on our website): - 7% luck and -100ms attack speed.

**Skeleton Outfit**
Added new Skeleton outfit as Oakendor arena reward (via outfit fragments).

**Barbarian balance**

- Fury, increased Lv1: 20/33%/5% damage to 25/33%/7% damage.
Lv2: 30/33%/7% for 50/50%/9% damage. Additionally, heals your health by 10%. Cooldown reduced from 30s to 25s.

- New Vitality skill

- Withering Spin, improved last hit from 3x3 to 5x5 and damage reduction from 40% to 15%

- Added recovery level 2 and 3 (Knight and Barbarian)

- Apocalypse: Changed the damage formula, additionally the damage reduction around the center was from 20% to 15%.


- Increased the amount of refining hammers that can be purchased per day through daily points from 3 to 10.
- Increased the amount of Polishing Stones V that can be purchased per day through daily points from 1 to 3.
- Removed Silence from Cannibal Pyromancer.
- Cannibal Warriors gains new area attack.

**Client Improvements**
- Added Cooldown for passive skills in skill sidebar.
- Login in multiple characters simultaneously: VIP players can open up to 3 clients simultaneously, while free players only 1.

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