Balance barbarian

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Balance barbarian

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I liked the idea of decreasing the skills of the barbarian and so on, but I have no more damage, my triple strike and other inefficient skills, it doesn't hit anymore, with a +8 weapon I already see that the damage is much lower than it was, skills don't match .. life steel is too bad, it reduced half the cure we had, now with the damage we have the char ñ cure nothing, hunts unviable ..
Only thing that was good
It was the last one in box pve, and also the CD was reduced, but the mana cost of the skills remains the same, in other words, now we have to use a lot more mana, pot to cure because of low vampirism and also use bandages all over. time.

Spending a lot of pot and dressing

Solution: increase 1 percentage of damage from skills, no need to leave as before, but it is good to increase, since vampirism should work as before, and decrease the amount of mana spent by skills ..

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