Barbarian balance feedback

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Barbarian balance feedback

Mensagempor WujekEvil » Sáb Jun 06, 2020 5:25 am


Feedback from 140 Barb POV - all the changes except for vampirism nerf seems to be really good.

The lower cooldowns will definitely make the gameplay more dynamic, as it was pretty frustrating that after using combo of apocalypse + 180 retaliation + fulminant rotation you had to wait for 10 seconds in order to be able to use any other skills - now it should be much better and the damage falloff seems to be compensated enough for the lowered cooldowns.

On a sidenote, the news page says that bloodthirsty spin cooldown was reduced from 8 to 4, while in game it is reduced from 8 to 6 - this could be clarified.

Also, I've tried to use the fear skill but it seems like it doesnt work at all - regardless of whether i use it with crosshair or i use it on my target - there is no effect other than skill going on cooldown. I was not damaging the target in both scenarios, so it wasn't cancelled - there is just no animiation and monster keeps attacking me.

Going to the vamprisim nerf - this is really bad for barbarian. Barb has really hard time to get sustainable life gain compared to other vocations - mage/shaman can heal for huge amounts of life and got mana shield in emergency situations + potions on top of that. knights are really tanky and this is where their sustainability comes from. I can't speak about archers because I haven't played much with an archer in team - but I know that archers have the vampiric arrow or something like that and they are easily able to kill frost dragons solo before level 150.

Right now, for barbarian the only way to regain health is vampirism nerfed by effectivetly 66% - the part with bleeding mosnters doesn't matter since you can only target 1 monster with bleeding, so it is negligible when fighting 8+ monster packs. I know people who don't like barbarians and leave them to play another character around level 50 because they can't comfortably hunt without using huge amount of potions even pre-nerf and this makes it even worse.

On my example, currently on real server I can easily lure 2 wyverns at once without worrying about dying too much at 140 level and regain enough life while killing them to stay safe. After the nerf, I am having a hard time to regain my health on single wyvern if i am unlucky and it uses lots of skills.

Considering the fact that barbarians have virtually zero defense and their only way to stay alive when hunting is to lifesteal enough to heal back, i would strongly suggest not to nerf vampirism any further - it is already "kind of" indirectly nerfed by damage reduction for each skill, and nerf from 15% of life steal to 6% of life steal makes barbarian significantly worse than other characters when it comes to sustaining life (and thus surviving) during hunt. Vampirism should stay on 10%/15% level as the only real way for barbarian to sustain life while fighting monsters.

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