Shaman new summons and overall skills

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Shaman new summons and overall skills

Mensagempor PanTulin » Sáb Jun 06, 2020 4:57 am


I am disappointed with some changes.

- Lowering dmg output around 60%.... (wrag hits around 250 t if not miss/block) lvl 2 "Ent" still name as Oakin with earth dmg around 100.
-/+ hp?
-take away physical dmg ( I like them on summon)
+/- new summons
+moving speed
+ class type summons

BUG: sometimes skill go on cooldown but summon no show.

I did no expect this much changes... I didn't think it was needed.
I like the old summons wolf, warg they suit shaman well, but swarman does not.

I had a hope that The level 3 of summon would change for bear (animal) with some class features ( maybe colour change earth -brown, water- blue/white, light- yellow) Extra bonus unique skill. (earth- lower armor/stun, water- slow down/hold, light-lower magic resist/blind)

But too late for ideas...

Divine cure
- 100% efficiency for healing summons if using a light weapon ( good )

- Now the shaman's totems are immune to damage ( I think it will be unfair if they will still block moob with few totems I don't know how it work during pvp )
- The duration of the totems has been changed to 8 seconds ( too short)
- The totem cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds (too short)

Overall less dmg to spam skills faster? on shaman hmmm. He do not have a lot of dmg, but to waste mp faster. It does not sound good.


Path of Thorns
- Stun time increased to 4 seconds. ( it is blocked by own summon) but it did not work for moobs
- Cooldown reduced from 12 to 8 seconds
- Mana cost reduced from 35/52 to 30/45

Poison Missile ( I posion every enemies on lvl 1 for 5hp/1s but on test server skill lvl 1/2 I did not manage to poison any monster )
- Cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
- Mana cost reduced from 18/27 to 12/18

UPDATE 7.06.2020 14:56

I think giving skill points for summons and totem are wasted. I won't be able to use them. If it stay like it is , could you reconsider give scrolls for reset skills?

Good luck with new balance,

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