Shaman Rework Feedback

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Shaman Rework Feedback

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I think like shaman was alredy strong vocation, but changes are welcome overall if, but try to listen players opinion. I'm making third post about shaman becouse I dont think like it fit to anyother topic now.

I would like to say something about Summons at first line.

Reworking this spell was not needed at all but it brings a lot joy to see other monsters than swarman at lvl 3rd of this spell, in my opinion this spell is usless and still will be usless unless those monsters will deal some dmg now, also I do not like idea of having that big summons like that more like creating new one so they wont be that big, giving more dmg to them would be also helpfull since they dont fit to teamhunts at all, only reason i would try to get summon would be having it on bosses or in pvp. Thats all I think about it having them is anyway pointless since they do less dmg than actualy all monsters which they are similar too.

Second thing is about Totems.

I like the idea of having them every monster pull but i tried it solo (and ofc i could get used to it) but it last for few second less than it was alredy. I would like to recomend it to have Cooldown 15 sec ea and 13 sec Duration would be pretty much enought so Shamans could still hunt solo and use it every monster pull on Teamhunts. Second thing in totems which i dont like is that names of it disapered I dont know anymore if i used Intuition Totem I or II or mb it was III.

Cooldowns on Ultimate and about Sacred Light

WOW :o its a big change which I do like in this balance and rly enjoy (mb a bit powerfull but all vocations got buff exc archers ) , but what about Sacred Light, I would rather say its a little bit worse, since till now i was using it to heal myself when i was still able to heal knight i was not realy into dmg from it more like support spell but dmg was still enought. My point is I wont be able to instaheal myself or teammates like it was before its to high risk becouse of light bubbles RNG what i would say about this spell is rather to leave it like it was or add those light bubbles to previous one and mix those two.

Finaly other spells

I like idea of having it on less cooldown, making game more dynamic and actually helps shaman in Early lvles pretty much so its pretty good change

POV Solo/Duo Shaman 170+ lvl

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