bloodstone the ancient curse -PACKAGES


Exclusive birthday packages! To celebrate Bloodstone’s first year of anniversary, we create costumes with brighter and more metallic colors in honor of each server. The costume is purchased exclusively for one character and not for everyone on your account. The costume is non-transferable and the color of its armor cannot be changed, it is only possible to customize the color of the hair, skin and clothes under the armor. When purchasing Birthday Costume Pack, the costumes described in the package will be sent. Each costume can be redeemed by different characters from your account. After purchase, open the Game Store and click REDEEM REWARDS

Check the table of advantages and disadvantages between a FREE account and a VIP account

Characteristics FREE account VIP account
Group Shared Experience Yes Yes
Access to Mangoo, Donncaster, Oakendor, Danmori, Ooocolono, Ely Yes Yes
Acess to exclusive cities and islands No Yes
Guilds creation No Yes
Habilities Tree Yes Yes
Use all adquireds outfits Yes Yes
In-market ad limit Up to 3 Merchant Ads Up to 20 Merchant Ads
Market ad duration 1 day 7 days
Market ad tax 3% 1%
Instant Dungeon Access (NEW) Only the first level All levels
PVP Arena access No Yes
Exclusive missions No Yes
Purchase houses No Yes
Ship travels No Yes
Dashboard Daily Tasks 2 3
1 free panel daily change No Yes
Item Depot Limit 200 2000