I created an account. And now?

If you have just entered the world of Bloodstone and are lost this page is made for you. Here you will find the first steps to enter this world. We will not deliver the fish, but we will teach how to fish. We want you to brave the world and find your own way of playing. Enjoy!

First steps

Bloodstone The Ancient Curse is a game where movement follows the grid pattern, as in a game of chess. To move and interact with the map you only need a mouse and keyboard, where each performs different functions. With the mouse you select and manage items, with the keyboard you move and execute commands.

Bloodstone online - first steps combat


Combat in Bloodstone The Ancient Curse is easy to learn but hard to master. It is based on physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, magic defense, blocking, hit / miss and dodge. It also has two sources of damage: Basic Attacks and Abilities.

Bloodstone online - first steps combat

Basic Attacks

Basic attacks are applied by simply selecting from a target. Knights, Barbarians and Archers deal physical damage with their basic attacks, while Mage and Shamans apply elemental damage, which may be Fire, Air, Darkness for the Mage, or Water, Earth, Light for the Shaman, which depended on their weapon.


Skills are learned from skill points, gained on passing a level or on some missions. They are divided into attack, support and healing categories. Attacking ones are limited by exhaustion, which makes you have to wait for either one's cooldown to return before your stamina is established and you can unleash more skills.


During the game you will be subject to various conditions such as starvation, poisoning, drunk, among others. It is very important to always be aware of the conditions that have been applied to you, and to worry about what kind of condition will apply to the enemy. Getting to stun an enemy, or using a skill that heals him from paralysis, can be crucial to a combat victory.

Battle Configuration

You can configure which character type you want to deal game damage to by options just below the Skill Bar. There are three options: Neutral, Optional and Aggressive. In neutral your damage is only dealt to creatures, optional creatures and skull players, in aggressive you can attack everyone but will have penalty and will be indicated to other players as a player killer for a certain time.

Bloodstone online - battles configuration

Equipment durability

The equipment has a durability, which can be seen by leaving the mouse over the desired item. This durability is eroded over time and can be repaired on a blacksmith NPC. Items that lose their durability become useless in battle, and do not damage or guarantee defenses, so always be aware of the durability of your items, as letting a weapon reach durability 0 can be fatal on an expedition.

Bloodstone online - collect ores to forge the best weapons


One of the major arts in the world of Bloodstone. With it it is possible to extract ores, from the weakest and simplest to the most important and hard to find. They are used by those who want to improve their forging ability as well as other functions.


Along with mining is one of the most important skills, as it is capable of forging bars, which in addition to being used in equipment upgrades are also essential for creating weapons, from the simplest to the rare weapons accessible only with hard work.

Weapon Improvement

Bloodstone's world weapons can also be upgraded to become stronger then. Improving a weapon requires the ability to accomplish this feat by completing some preparatory missions. Having these quests completed just go to a blacksmith NPC and say you would like to upgrade your weapon. To be improved they need some items and some gold, and they also have a chance of success. This chance can be increased with refining hammers.

Bloodstone online - improve your weapons