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Posted at: 2020-01-22

Use Agreement and License

Software Use License Agreement: Bloodstone - The Ancient Curse

LAST UPDATE: January 27, 2020
You will accept these rules when you register.
By clicking on the field "I have read and agree to the Bloodstone: The ancient curse Software License and Use Agreement" on the registration page, the User or his / her parents / guardians, when applicable,
will be (s) expressing broad and definitive ACCEPTANCE with all terms, conditions and terms of the Software Use License Agreement and Game Regulation. STREAMY recommends that, before expressing his agreement, the User, assisted or represented by his parents or guardians, as the case may be, reads this document carefully, which follows:

Software use license agreement:

  1. Of the parties
    1. STREAMY Entertainment E License De Software Ltda. ("STREAMY"), a company duly organized and existing in accordance with the laws of Brazil, with headquarters in São Paulo - SP, hereinafter referred to simply as STREAMY;
    2. For the purposes of this agreement, Game User (“User”), is the person identified when completing the registration form, available at Through registration, the User must create a user account (“User Account”) and a password (“password”) that will be the personal and non-transferable identification.
      In addition, the user must create a username ("Username") and password to create a game account ("Game Account").
  2. General terms and conditions
    1. Basic requirements
      1. The user must verify that he has the basic requirements necessary to access and use the Game software.
      2. The game software will be available to the user through the website through STREAMY. The user acknowledges and agrees that the software must be updated from time to time for the game to function.
    2. User Account Registration
      1. The User must create a User Account to gain access to the Game and the Game Forum. For this, the User must register his User account always associated with a valid electronic address (e-mail).
      2. The User acknowledges that the User Account is only a vehicle for accessing the Game, accessing the Forum, purchasing and using virtual items, not having the ability to transmit ownership of the software, or of the account, of the characters, or virtual items that remain the property of Streamy.
    3. Age rating
      1. The Ministry of Justice classifies the game as NOT RECOMMENDED for children under twelve.
      2. If the User is under 18, the registration of the contract must be carried out with the presence of the parents or legal guardian.
    4. User account registration
      1. The user must register the User Account always associated with a valid electronic address (“email”). STREAMY recommends that the User make sure that his box is able to receive a message from STREAMY.
      2. The user agrees that STREAMY uses the informed email to send information about the game, news, general information or any other necessary notifications.
      3. The user must validate his email through the website to show that the email associated with the account is valid and that the user has access to the email before any credit purchase (crystals) or purchase of subscriptions.
    5. Care of Passwords and Accounts
      1. The User must keep his password confidential. If you have any doubts about believing that your password was discovered by a third party, you should change it immediately on the website and contact the support center through the website.
      2. The User is responsible for acts performed through his User Accounts in the Game, and that STREAMY does not protect against the unauthorized use of his Accounts.
      3. It is the User's responsibility to keep their password confidential. STREAMY recommends some measures to protect the password, but not limited to:
        1. Do not write your password on logical papers or files
        2. Do not use passwords that are easily deciphered such as: date of birth, license plate, telephone number, etc.
        3. Do not lend or share the password with other Users
        4. Change your password periodically
      4. Streamy is not responsible for any personal information that the User discloses to third parties, including their Username and Password. STREAMY will not be liable for any damages that the User may suffer due to the user having disclosed his personal information.
    6. Information Provided
      1. It is the User's responsibility to provide true, accurate and correct information at the time of registration.
      2. STREAMY reserves the right not to change the information provided. Any corrections may be made, as long as they do not imply a change in account ownership.
    7. Essential Requirements
      1. Essential requirements for using the game
        1. The Register;
        2. A valid email address;
        3. A User account;
        4. A gambling account;
        5. Use of a computer compatible with the requirements informed by STREAMY on the website;
        6. Internet access compatible with the technical configurations informed by STREAMY on the website;
        7. The system unlock that prevents the User from accessing the Game;
    8. From User Access to the Internet
      1. STREAMY does not provide Internet access. The User being responsible for all costs associated with his Internet connection.
    9. From Bloodstone Access Servers
      1. To access the game software, the User must choose one of the access servers listed in clause 9.2, not being able to transfer virtual items, characters and / or experience (“XP”) obtained in the game between the servers.
      2. The servers will be made available to users, each with specific characteristics:
        1. Server 1: "Ruby" PvP server located in São Paulo
        2. Server 2: "Onyx" No-PvP server located in São Paulo
        3. Server 3: "Ruby 2" Pvp server located in São Paulo
        4. Server 4: "Ruby 3" Pvp server located in São Paulo
        5. Server 5: "Onyx 2" No-PvP server located in São Paulo
        6. Server 6: "Jasper" PvP server located in France
        7. Server 7: "Emerald" No-PvP server located in France
    10. User and Clan Identification
      1. The User is not allowed to choose a name that is already in use. The User is not allowed to choose a character name that may be illegal, protected by intellectual property rights, that is obscene, that is considered inappropriate by STREAMY, that is already in use or that violates the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil or the rights of third parties.
      2. The User will only be recognized and identified through their Character names. Any disclosure of your User Name or your true identity is the User's sole and exclusive responsibility.
      3. The User expressly authorizes STREAMY to disclose his Character name on the website, in the event of participation in events, promotions etc.
      4. The choice of Clan name within the game is subject to the same rules and restrictions on the “BLOODSTONE Rules” page.
      5. The choice of Pet's name within the game is subject to the same rules and restrictions on the “BLOODSTONE Rules” page
      6. If STREAMY identifies the name violates the rules of the game, the punishments will be applied according to the rules and punishment table published on the website.
    11. Acquisition of special items
      1. STREAMY makes available to Users Special Items (“Special Items”) that can be obtained by purchasing a crystal (“Cristal”) or by subscribing to a Premium plan (“Premium”)
      2. Other types of special items sold within the game such as: furniture, pets, mounts, scrolls, etc., can be obtained through the specific item called Cristal.
      3. Credits in Crystals will be made available in the User Account indicated by the User at the time of purchase. The User may purchase the Crystals by purchasing on our websites through our third party to transfer the payment.
      4. The “VIP” plan will be made available on the User Account indicated by the User at the time of purchase. The User may purchase the "VIP" plan by purchasing on our websites through our third party to transfer the payment.
      5. Once you have purchased the Special Items at the store, you will NOT be able to transfer to other chares and / or servers.
    12. What is refundable

      1. Crystals: Crystals will only be refunded if there is NO purchase, sale or transfer between players or purchases in the game "store", within 7 days after the purchase of the crystals.

        Therefore, refundable only in the following cases:


        1. Crystals NOT spent on the game

        2. Crystals NOT transferred to other chares

        3. Crystals NOT sold or bought on the market or between players

        4. Within 7 days after purchase

          Any refund request will be subject to analysis of the history of use of the crystals.


      2. VIP: Vips will only be refunded if there is NO activation of the VIP account.

    13. Refund procedure
        • PagSeguro

          How to open dispute on PagSeguro *

          1. Access ** your PagSeguro account;
          2. In the "My Account" Menu, select the "Transaction Statement" option and locate the purchase transaction;
          3. Confirm the data and click on "Open Dispute";
          4. Then, complete the form explaining in detail what happened and inform whether or not you accept the partial refund;
          To finish, click Open Dispute.

          *After the purchase, you have 30 days to open the dispute.
          ** If you are accessing by phone or tablet, don't forget to click on "go to web version".
        • Paypal
          1. Go to the "Solution Center", which can be accessed at the top of your account's homepage.
          2. Click the "Open a dispute for a transaction" button.
          3. Check the "Dispute Item" field and then click the "Continue" button.
          4. Enter the transaction ID number in the box and click "Continue".
          5. Please provide PayPal with information about the problem on the forms required to open the dispute.
          6. Respond to all messages, as required by PayPal, to try to resolve the situation.
    14. Unacceptable Conduct
      1. In order to ensure good interaction between Users between the site and the game, STREAMY will not allow Users to perform Unacceptable Conduct, and when this occurs, STREAMY reserves the right to apply the corresponding punishments in accordance with the Table of Punishments and List of Conduct Unacceptable Game.
        In order to maintain the level of loyalty among the participants of the Game, STREAMY requests the collaboration of Users.
      2. The list of Unacceptable Conduct and the Punishment Table are published on the Site. STREAMY reserves the right to adapt or include new Unacceptable Conduct, always for the benefit of the game. It is the User's responsibility to stay informed about updates to the Rules of Conduct and the Forum.
      3. Use of any illegal programs, systems, routines, computers or automated devices with the Game or STREAMY websites is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action in accordance with current country regulations.
      4. The User declares that he is aware of and agrees with the penalties provided for in the Code of Conduct available on the Site and Forum.
    15. STREAMY's Rights in the Face of Unacceptable Conduct
      1. STREAMY shall have the right to review and remove from the Site all content, messages or other communications that it considers to be Unacceptable Conduct, its decision being considered offensive, illegal, to harm or threaten the safety of another User.
      2. In the event of the practice of any Unacceptable Conduct, in addition to applying the corresponding penalties to the User, STREAMY has the right to reveal to the police, administrative or judicial authorities, the User's registration data that have performed any act that implies in violation of the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.
    16. From Punishment to the User
      1. The punishment for the User for conducting Unacceptable Conduct within the game and the forum may consist of:
        1. Warning to the infringer;
        2. User Account or Game Account suspension for a specific time;
        3. Extinction of virtual goods (items, crystals, special items, Premium subscription) that are in the possession of the character, Game Account or User Account at the time the penalty is applied;
      2. Cancellation of the Game Account, in the cases provided for in the Penalty Table in force, provided on the page of our website "Rules of Bloodstone";
    17. Responsibility of STREAMY
      1. The User agrees that STREAMY is not responsible for defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal threats, content or conduct from third parties or any user and violation of rights.
      2. STREAMY will take all measures to maintain a good level of cordiality among its Users in the game environment and in the forum, and under no circumstances will it be held responsible for any acts contrary to such policy by users or third parties.
    18. Online Credit Acquisition and Payment
      1. The User may purchase CRYSTALS or PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION through the website. Payment for credits purchased online can take place as follows:
        1. Through third parties (PagSeguro, Picpay and Paypal).
        2. When opting for the payment described above, the User will be expressing his decision to purchase Crystals or Premium Subscription as defined herein.
        3. The User declares to be aware that they are not allowed:
          1. Exchange and / or commercialization of Crystals between Users involving money or real world values;
          2. The purchase of virtual items or components of the game outside the conditions established in this contract, that is, purchase of Crystals or Premium Subscription through the unauthorized third party or accredited network,
        4. Failure to comply with this clause will result in the punishment and / or banning of the User Account, as established in the Rule of Conduct. Any questions about the regularity of the transaction should be directed to the Support Center.
        5. STREAMY reserves the right to modify the payment method through the third party at any time.
        6. Any and all problems with the payment method chosen by the User must be reported to STREAMY through the Support Center.
        7. In case the User is under 18 years of age, the purchase of the Premium Subscription and Credits must be made in the presence of the parents or legal guardians, according to the game's warning.
    19. Limitations of Liability
      1. The User agrees that STREAMY will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage to loss of profits, business interruption, loss of business information or any other pecuniary damage in connection with the services or products offered by STREAMY.
    20. Medical Care
      1. If the User or any family member has a history of outbreaks of epilepsy, consult your doctor before playing.
      2. A small percentage of individuals may suffer from epilepsy attacks when they are exposed to a certain pattern of flashing lights, certain types of noise, prolonged reading, sleep deprivation, fatigue, hypoglycemia, etc. Besides that,
        certain circumstances can cause symptoms of epilepsy even for individuals who have never had outbreaks of epilepsy. Please consult your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms (clause 18.3)
      3. The User must stop the game IMMEDIATELY and consult his doctor if he presents the following symptoms such as: epilepsy, absence crisis, distortions of perception, uncontrolled movements of a part of the body, sudden fear, nausea, distortions in hearing and / or vision or loss of hearing. consciousness.
    21. Intellectual Property
      1. The User expressly acknowledges that the Bloodstone Software, together with the logos, brands, insignia, symbols, distinctive signs, documentation and any other materials related to these computer programs, constitute, as appropriate, copyrights, trade secrets,and / or property rights of STREAMY or its licensors, such rights being protected by national and international legislation applicable to intellectual property, copyrights and business and industry secrets, especially as contained in Laws No. 9,609 and 9,610, of February 19, 1998.
        In no event will these assets and rights be transferred to the User, either as a result of the acquisition of the license for use inherent in the Bloodstone Software, or in view of its use.
      2. The distribution of the Bloodstone Software is exclusive to STREAMY. It is expressly forbidden to the User and to third parties, under the penalties of the law: to sell, rent, rent, modify, adapt, decompile, merge or incorporate in any other programs; dispose of totally or partially, provisionally or permanently, free of charge or cost,
        under any modalities, forms or titles of the Bloodstone Software.
    22. Violations
      1. Please report any violations of the Terms of Contract to the responsible departments using the support system on our official website.
      2. Any and all controversies or disputes arising from this License Agreement shall be resolved exclusively and definitively based on Brazilian law.
    23. Interruption of Services
      1. STREAMY reserves the right to interrupt access to the game periodically on a regularly scheduled basis with prior notice to Users in order to perform any type of maintenance, Save Server (save game data), necessary update and etc. for the game to function properly.
      2. STREAMY reserves the right to interrupt access to the game regardless of prior notice to the User, whenever there is a need for extremely urgent corrective intervention.
      3. The User agrees that, in addition to the preventive or corrective maintenance provided for above, access to the website and the game may also be interrupted due to force majeure. STREAMY is not responsible for service interruptions, delays or failures resulting from any causes beyond its control.
    24. Contract Termination
      1. Credits, characters, items and any other elements present in the game will not be refunded to the consumer upon the eventual termination of the contract, regardless of the reasons that cause the end of the relationship between the User and STREAMY.
      2. The cancellation of the "User Account" resulting from the violation of the Game Conduct Rule and / or on the website's forum, by the consumer, there will be no refund of amounts not yet consumed.
    25. Closing of Operations
      1. STREAMY reserves the right to terminate operations of the game Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse by government or judicial decision or for reasons of force majeure.
      2. In the event that the Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse game closes, STREAMY will previously notify the user 30 days in advance and ensure the User the right to consume the remaining credits (crystals) during the period prior to the closing of the Game operations.
    26. General Provisions
      1. This license agreement must be interpreted in conjunction with the rules of conduct of the website, the forum, the game, the punishment table and other documents relevant to the game.
      2. Streamy may change this License Agreement at any time without notice. This change will take effect from the moment of publication on our official website. Whenever there is a change in the license agreement, the User will receive notifications through the registered email. The User who agrees with this Agreement, you are demonstrating your acceptance of any changes that the License Agreement will receive.
    27. Changes to our Software Use License Agreement
      1. This use license agreement came into effect on January 27, 2020. We reserve the right to change this license agreement at any time and will post any changes as soon as they become effective. Please consult this agreement regularly to be aware of the changes.


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