Posted at: 2024-03-20


LAST POST UPDATE: March 29, 2024

It´s necessary to download the new client to play on March 23rd. The client link will be made available on the 23rd, when the Test Server opens. The character data to be used on the Test Server will be from Saturday´s Server Save. Opening and closing times may be adjusted as necessary.

Opening: March 23rd (Saturday) from 3:00 pm (Brasília time)

Closing: March 25th (Monday) at 24:00.


-Gem window layout: fixed problem that cut off part of the view of this window.

- Quest “No gods, no masters”: fixed problem that prevented the master from the third tomb from being raised.

- Tools: no longer disappear when used with less than 50% of charges.

- “Invisibility” magic: fixed problem that made mobs and bosses unresponsive to attacks from a player using this magic.

- Brazilwood Table: production ingredients changed to 10 Brazilwood boards.

- Skills window: when clicking the "acquire" button in the skills window, the position of the scroll bar is maintained.

- “Rain of Arrows” spell: The description of each level of the skill was identical. The text has been changed slightly to reflect the progression of the damage formula at each level.



-Aviator boots and target ring: altered functioning: weapons normally have between 85% and 90% chance of damage. Using these items, the chance changes to 100%.

-Demoniac knocker ring: fixed bug that prevented this item from being moved from players´ bags.

-New Easter trainer: added to the game shop a new training dummy to the players´ homes in the shape of a giant carrot.

- Recipes: They are now stackable and can be sold to the NPC Turlul Tirluk (in the Elmeloks caravan in the Turuk Na Num desert).

- Keychain: Fixed several keys that were not possible to add to the keychain. Single-use keys (which disappear when used) will continue to not be added to the item.


- Doppelfang - bestiary quantity reduced to 500.

- Standardization of the term “res” to “Resistances” in the player information menu.

- Creature drop “thorny helmet” has had its drop rate increased to 8%.

- Serpent Pitchfork: had its drop rate increased to 8%.

- Hyena Banner: had its drop rate increased to 8%. 

- Improved the phrase in the gem window so the player knows that if he puts a gem in the slot that already has a gem he loses the previous one.

- Miniboss Colossal Sandworm: Removed healing, added one more spell to have the same amount as another equivalent boss, Colossal Amblion Spike.

- Basmu has had its attack power slightly reduced.

- Market vocations filter corrected for alphabetical order.

- Changed the experience gained in manufacturing trash, based on bars:

T2 trash: 10
T3 trash: 30
T4 trash: 60
T5 trash: 100
T6 trash: 150
T7 trash: 250
T8 trash: 400

- Rat invasion update: it now occurs in stages instead of adding the total amount of creatures right away. In the message "Some rats have been spotted" = 20% of the creatures added. "Large amounts of rats keep appearing" =30% of creatures added. "There are rats everywhere" =50% of creatures added. Added the chance of the event taking place in the cities of Port Rackham and Shellshire, Donncaster has a greater chance.

- Damage chance: will now never exceed 100% damage chance. 50% of the value that would exceed 100% will be converted into critical chance.

- Gems: change in damage chance values: legendary from 7% to 15%. Epic from 5% to 7% of Hit III gems and Hit Gem V.


- Integrated maps: some portals will now use maps made up of modules that change with each SS, so the hunt will never be the same. The portals below are some examples of maps of this type.

- New Blood Minotaur portal available in the Shroud Shortcut.

- New Suzeran Ophidian portal in the room next to the shortcut to the boss Teniatuss.

- New Van Kraken portal next to the access door to the Kraken´s Mayor.

- “Professions” tab in the player information menu. All professions have been moved to this tab. The error that caused the scroll bar to scroll when updating information has been fixed.

- Updated deposit window to allow searching for terms with 2 characters (dust, shovel, etc.).

- Shortcut to Boss Teniatuss accessible only after completing the quest “Serpent´s Harvest”.

- Quiver Werewolf had its recipe added to the drops from the boss Wocelotl (drop chance equivalent to other recipes, i.e., it is a rare drop).

- New avatars: NPCs Alleta, Felgan, Frederick, Burrcan, Bolt, Morgan and others have received new avatars in their speech windows.

- New filters by tier and rarity added to NPC Misty Genium´s magic powder creation window. Fixed the crafting experience for magic powders.


Quest “The Ballerina of Oakendor”: NPC Burrcan stupidly responds to anyone who asks if he is the trainer of Oakendor: “no, I am the ballerina of Oakendor!” Maybe this has some truth to it. Talk to him and investigate the town for any clues. Attention: this is a quest with 3 possible endings, each one will give you different rewards. The endings are mutually exclusive, meaning that if you choose one, you will not be able to obtain the rewards of the others. One of the endings will reward you with Training Manual I, a non-transferable item that grants the equivalent of 1 hour of training in the main skill of your character´s current vocation.


- Clawtab and Easter Outfits: will be for sale on the website from the subsequent update to the current Test Server.


this event will be activated automatically after the Server Save on April 10th.


Descounted items:
items with multiple discounts added to the game store. They are: Training Scroll, Teleportation Scroll, Hunting Ticket, Polishing Stone I, II, III and IV. Added packs of 100 supreme refining hammers to the in-game store. The training scroll, when the x10 package is purchased, a single item with ten times more charges than the standard item is delivered to the player´s bag.


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