Posted at: 2022-09-30

Debut of the new Seasonal Hardcore PvP server October 28

The drums of war cease. It´s time to charge shield to shield behind enemy lines and cast the most terrible arcane storms on our enemies until every last drop of mana! This is a preview of what will happen when our new Hardcore PvP seasonal server debuts on October 28th! You are called to battle and don´t forget: in the end, there can be only one!

What is the Sazonal Hardcore PvP Server?

The Seasonal Hardcore PvP server is a new seasonal server that will run from 10/28 to 11/14. During this period, all players on that server will start from the beginning and will evolve throughout the duration of the event. This server has different rules for leveling and PvP., in addition to having hidden prizes for players and also for the best on the server.


To check the list of awards, access:

New Seasonal PvP Server Rules:

- Exp bonus ladder by levels:

Level 1 to 10 = 500x

Level 11 to 50 = 250x

Level 51 to 100 = 10x

Level 101 to 150 = 5x

Level 151 to 200 = 4x

Level 201 to 250 = 3x

Level 251 to 300 = 2x

Level 301 to 400 = 1.5x

Level 401 onwards = 1x


EXP gain from killing players:

- Players above level 20 will provide part of their lost experience to the one who defeated them.

- Players with up to 20% level difference between each other will gain experience by defeating another player. Example: A level 500 can gain experience by killing players above level 399.

- A player can earn up to 75% of the other player´s lost experience.



- Guilds can have a maximum of 5 members.

- The guild gains experience when a guild member kills creatures. The Exp that the guild earns does not have the EXP ladder bonus.

- When a player dies, the guild he belongs to loses exp equivalent to the guild level. If the player is with bless, the guild exp loss will be counted with bless as well.

- After joining a guild it is not possible to leave it on the same day, it will only be allowed to leave the guild after Server Save(SS).

- After leaving a guild, it is not possible to join another guild on the same day, it will only be allowed to join another after SS.

- A guild does not lose Exp when a player from that guild dies IF the attacker does not belong to any guild.

The guild score will determine the winning team for the event.


Item loss:

- When dying, the player has a chance to drop items from his body or from his bags.



- Added a guard in temples to give a starting weapon in case the player doesn´t have any more weapons to continue.

- Added an NPC in Donncaster´s Forge to sell equipment packs.



- Added health and mana potions to be sold for crystals.

- Added weapon and gear pouches that have items of the same vocation as the player opening the pouch. Also, there is a double chance of getting a rarity item.



- All classes can use 1 additional attack skill.



- Loot rate and Skill rate will be increased on this server.

We reserve the right to change or add any rules prior to the start of the Hardcore server if we deem it necessary.

Server start date: October 28, 2022.

Server end date: November 14, 2022.

All characters, items and other hardcore seasonal server content will not be saved and will be unavailable from the server end date stated above. Nor can they be transferred to any other server.



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