Posted at: 2020-03-03

Patch Notes 1.08

Update Note 1.08

Instanced areas:
An instantiated area is a hunting area that only you and your team can reach. This area has a duration of 60 minutes, however you and your team can only enter once a day. We added some areas that can be instantiated.
  1. West, East and South Pirate hunts
  2. Anthill at Eastgrove
  3. Geosseth Island
  4. Primal Island

New area:

  1. PvP island with access by pirates
  2. Island of the Primals with access in Eastgrove

The NPCs that take you to the locations in the images below:



Eastgrove Anthill


East, west, south pirate hunt


Truska Islands

Solomon Fingers (PvP)


Change in the improvement of the Beast Angelic, Short Angelic Bow and Long Angelic weapons. 2 Ice Hearts are now needed for +1, instead of just 1



Level 1 and level 3 sword summon damage increased by 35%, however the chance to activate has been changed from 25% to 20%.

Sword rain I, II and III now deal only 1 damage, however this damage has been increased by 225% at all levels

Target protection now validates if the protector can be attacked,
otherwise the protected person suffers 100% of the damage.



Fixed Luatanne Order daily mission

Treasure of a lazy old man

Fixed the description of the quest The tale of Nethum

Fixed defending Spirit description

Fixed bug with some equipment that could not be fixed

Fixed Primals daily mission description

Fixed Egarhew's speech when he has the "Eternal Happiness" mission

Fixed Vortex (Teleports) position of Paguros bays

Fixed the bug where Apprentice Kuromancer attacked at close range. Now attack 3 tiles away

Fixed the bug where the dark flame spear of dark creatures caused physical damage, has been modified to dark damage.

Fixed the quest bug Recovering belongings

Fixed Nyog's Grimoire where it was not possible to create

Fixed kanmalli arrows where it was not possible to create

Fixed the bug of the Elga Dame Spears Dungeon


Whilspe Island enhancement

GAME UPDATES | 2020-05-22

Whilspe Island enhancement

 Update Event Points Store

GAME UPDATES | 2020-05-19

Update Event Points Store

Survival Arena


Survival Arena

Bugs fix v1.11

GAME UPDATES | 2020-05-14

Bugs fix v1.11

Test Servers

GAME UPDATES | 2020-05-08

Test Servers

Patch Notes 1.10

GAME UPDATES | 2020-05-07

Patch Notes 1.10