Posted at: 2020-04-02

Patch Notes 1.09


The Easter event will take place until April 30

An intriguing fellow named Oriel has appeared in Donncaster Square and has been approaching citizens telling about his homeland, taken by annoying little creatures… How about going there to check if you can help him?


Onix servers will merge

In the update we will also have the merge of the Onix servers!

If you have more than three characters adding the two Onix servers, we inform you that only the 3 with the highest level of experience will be available. Until then, you can remove items and belongings from the surplus and organize your list. In addition, the houses will be kept for players of server 1, while server 2 will have the amount paid in the auction returned in gold, and the items of the house sent to the bank.

The Ruby servers will be merged in a second moment, along with the next update that will have the balance of the classes, still without a confirmed date.



  • King Lich's mission completed and his rewards available




  • Now all creatures have an exhaust system that limits the amount of skills used, between three and four
  • Creatures that have their damage reduced:
    Pirate Buccaneer, Pirate Cannonslinger, Pirate Woodworker, Pirate Quartermaster, Pirate Captain, Infected Citzen, Infected Worker, Infected Cojurso, Infected Black Cojurso, Infected Willow Tree, Infected Tree
  • Creatures that have their damage and level increased:
    Infected Rat, Infected Venex
  • Creatures that have increased experience:
    Infected Rat, Infected Venex, Infected Citzen, Infected Tree, Infected Willow Tree, Infected Cojurso, Infected Black Cojurso
  • Creatures that have had reduced experience:
    Infected Worker



  • Truska Islands (Primals) had the number of creatures reduced and rearrangement of the remaining creatures
  • Solomon Fingers (PvP Islands) added ores, respawn time reduced
  • Basilisks Ermos respawn time reduced
  • Pirate Captains and Pirate Quartermaster had the number of creatures increased


Hunt instances:

  • An instance can no longer be started if any member of the group does not meet all requirements
  • You can now choose to leave and return to the hunting instance using the same ticket during the instance's 60 minute period
  • Instance areas are now protected areas
  • It is now possible to access a hunting instance for the second hour, with the cost of two tickets
  • A player who is part of a group can enter the same instance as the rest of the group (if a member of the group is distant from the location and your group enters the instance of the Primals, you will go to the same instance of the Primals in your group, even entering later)
  • The Truska Islands (Primals) instance no longer has the underground floors



  • The loot items of Solomon Fingers are now sold at NPC Golfred Boffin
  • Sending an order now costs 500 gold
  • Totem no longer overlaps the player, being able to use spells or move
  • No longer possible to push players on teleports, instance tiles and tiles with traps (report if you still find a possible occurrence)
  • Instantiated areas can no longer be accessed while in PvP battle
  • PvP arenas on the left have real damage while on the right they have reduced damage equally to the open world
  • Included some quest items to be retrieved from NPC Belchior
  • Modified the Skill Amulet, no longer gains 10 skill points from the class, gains 5% damage bonus
  • Changed level to access King Lich's room from 100 to 125
  • New types of food added to sell at NPCs



  • Fixed items Marcain Vest, Riregin Light Armor, Fortified Armor, Asales Jacket, Steeln Special Mail, Elfic Light Vestthat could not recover their durability
  • Fixed Jester Boots and Skill Amulet ones with the fragments inverted on forge
  • Fixed the bug in the mission chest Promises in the dark
  • Fixed Captain Shark's speech in The Crown of the Ended mission
  • Fixed Dark Wave skill description
  • Fixed Darkness Protection skill animation
  • Fixed the Divide and Conquer mission description
  • Fixed The Secret Cardoz bug where you received more than one recipe
  • Fixed The Magician Amulet with wrong description
  • Fixed the issue with Orb Kanmalli where the secondary attribute increased in improvement
  • Fixed the description of evasion
  • Fixed a bug where the 5% bonus Ring Sacrificed Force when the Target Ring was equipped was canceled
  • Fixed bug in Alienated Infiltration mission dialogs
  • Fixed the bug in the mission Taking revenge on the tormentor in some cases
  • Fixed Invocation of swords animation
  • Fixed no animation for the block effect
  • Fixed the absence of damage suffered while using Mana shield
  • Fixed no animation for damage when the creature is killed
  • Fixed the condition where abilities did no damage when the character had no angle of view


The forecast for the return of the server is at 8:00 A.M. (Brasília Time - UTC-3).


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