Posted at: 2020-05-07

Patch Notes 1.10


Our Easter event is over and Oriel Oster says goodbye thanking everyone for their help in recovering Easter Land!


- Launching Skull Island

Hunting instances:
- Molettes
- Venex
- Stirges
- Thieves
- Chuuls Enrageds and Ancients
- Pirates (reformulation, transformed into a single area)

Minibosses invasions:
A system that has the possibility of minibosses invading hunting grounds to fight, and by defeating them, you have the chance to purchase unique items!

Added a miniboss that may appear in the caves of deeper Kuromancers.

This system will also allow these appearances to occur with the player's involvement in new missions

Five new outfits have been added that can be purchased directly from the game store

Daily Missions:
New daily quests for Cannibals

New Market System:
It is now possible to create purchase offers, defining the number of items and the amount you wish to pay, in addition to the history that will also earn a listing of your sales. We believe that this way the economy of the game will be more heated, where players will find it easier to acquire their items, while others will be able to obtain greater profits.

This system does not allow you to create specific purchase offers for items that are rare, so that a player can sell you an item that he has with any rarity, without distinction. That is, they are not as effective for items such as weapons and equipment. We suggest that purchases of rare items continue to be made on the old model

Now our client has integration with Discord


We have modified our systems for saving and securing data contained in the market and in houses. That is, in new situations of unexpected server crash, losses will be drastically reduced
Our map system has received an update for performance optimization, this includes the slowness that some players experienced when changing floors. In addition, we fixed an issue that existed where the map was not revealed when it arrived at a new location, as well as the markings that simply stopped working after a certain time



- Creatures that have their damage reduced:
Diluvian Octopriest, Troglodyte Druid, Chaneque, Chaneque Boom, Chaneque Shaman, Quakan Sorcerer, Kobold Wizard, Cojurso, Wormib Gray, Wormib Giant, Banshee, Chuul Enraged, Roc, Ghost, Tormented Ghost, Spectre, Shipatch, Lancer Shandu, Shaman Shandu, Novice Kuromancer, Apprentice Kuromancer, Wise Kuromancer and Master Kuromancer

- Creatures that have their damage slightly increased:
Diluvian Hammer Guard and Chuul Ancient

- Creatures that have had their chance to use skills reduced:
Diluvian Hammer Guard, Diluvian Octopriest, Troglodyte Archer, Troglodyte Druid, Troglodyte Commander, Quakan Sorcerer, Kobold, Kobold Wizard, Kobold Guard, Wormib Gray, Wormib Giant, Banshee, Chuul, Chuul Enraged, Roc, Tormented Ghost, Spectre, Shipatch, Lancer Shandu, Shaman Shandu, Stirge, Novice Kuromancer, Apprentice Kuromancer, Wise Kuromancer, Master Kuromancer and Nekromancer

- Creatures that have had their basic attack ranged reduced:
Quakan Sorcerer, Kobold Wizard, Wise Kuromancer, Master Kuromancer and Nekromancer

- Creatures that have had their basic attack ranged increased:
Apprentice Kuromancer

- Criaturas que tiveram o efeito da confusão reduzido:
Banshee, Cojurso, Ghost, Spectre and Infected Black Cojurso


Hunting places:

- The swamp Oakendor swamp where the Troglodytes live had its area expanded and a relocation of the creatures
- Dragonetes were added in the Mol Boram Ruins region
- Cloakers and Stirges cave in Eastgrove had its area expanded
- Kuromancers caves in Ermos had improvements and relocation of creatures


- Maximum access to a hunting instance changed from 2 to 3 times per day
- The icon and effect of the Suicide Igniz skill have been changed to red
- Now if a character is running and chooses to attack a creature on the way, the attack command overrides the move command
- Shield skill training has changed and now for it to evolve, it is necessary for the player to inflict some type of damage periodically
- Added new quest items to be recovered with NPC Belchior


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