Posted at: 2020-07-30

Patch Notes 1.14


New server launched (OpenPVP - BR)

The Island Kingdom of Shellshire had its phase 1 launched, where you will find mysteries, missions, new creatures and much more!

Bestiary - Phase 1

From now on, defeating creatures will fill your encyclopedia of information. There, you can check information about the creatures you know best, such as the amount of life, experience provided, looting, locations and others.


- Improved Bigmap loading to avoid crashing
- Changed appearance of Leader Kuromancer and Cannibal Malkif minibosses
- Added the Supreme Kuromancer miniboss
- Anti-lag system received improvements
- Improvements in the common areas of Mangoo Island



- The Diamond item had its sale value increased from 400 to 4000


- Added a mark on the map when receiving the quest to search for the Mangoo Island Treasure


The first weapons of the forge had their required level reduced from 15 to 10


Giant Slug, Giant Snail, Giant Toad, Cocatriz and Specter had their loot rate improved

Specter had its strength and experience provided increased


- Hostile Blade now no longer pulls the player when he doesn't have a weapon equipped
- Fixed Bandit Leader mission where Rob enabled speech even after handing over the key
- Fixed Rictor Falconflight money transfer dialog
- Fixed an issue in the Marketplace that did not show the product list on the home screen


Streamer Partner Program

GAME UPDATES | 2020-09-25

Streamer Partner Program

Jewelry System

GAME UPDATES | 2020-09-18

Jewelry System

Patch Notes 1.15

GAME UPDATES | 2020-09-17

Patch Notes 1.15

 Instant hunt released for Sunday

GAME UPDATES | 2020-09-13

Instant hunt released for Sunday

Update September 17

GAME UPDATES | 2020-09-11

Update September 17

New event and promotion on September 12th

GAME UPDATES | 2020-09-10

New event and promotion on September 12th