Posted at: 2020-09-17

Patch Notes 1.15


Shellshire Phase 2

We have an expansion of the Shellshire region. It is phase 2 of 3 and will feature:

  • New creatures
  • New daily boss
  • New ore
  • New hunts
  • New missions

New amulets

  • New weapons



Five new minibosses were added


Account protection

The New account protection system is characterized by a list of trusted computers, where from the first login on a specific computer, a code will be sent to your account email with a code that will authorize access. At the first access, the current computer will be registered automatically and whenever you want, you can manage computers from this list in your account panel.


Decoration items

New home decor items have been added in our store

Transfer between worlds

The character transfer system between the world will enter its final testing phase in this version. It will not be available to players at first, but we should make it available in the coming days.



Survival arena reward

We have made considerable improvements to the rewards of the survival arena


Vision of the creatures

In the last update, we applied tests to creatures that had a different vision range than the players and the results were satisfactory. This means that you can see a creature, while deciding to fight it, bringing greater dynamism to the duels.

Now, existing creatures have changed in their field of vision, they are:

- Beebeetle, Armored Beebeetle, Amanite, Orc Commander, Orc Warlock, Orc Lancer, Orc Warlord, Orc Scout, Orc Soldier, Black Bear, Troll, Trimmed Troll, Minotaur, Brute Minotaur, Baby Dragon, Golem Crystal, Ruby Golem, Emerald Golem , Kobold Guard, Kobold Wizard, Molette, Steel Molette, Cyclops, Giant and Ettin



Now elemental resistance amulets no longer have the name "Protection" and their respective “tiers” have been added

Ex .: Royal Protection Amulet -> Royal Amulet I

All amulets in this "Protection" line had their required level reduced from 30 to 20. Amulets: Glacial, Nature, Sacred, Vulcan, Katrina, Dark had their resistance increased: 7% -> 10%

However, they gained a debuff of -5% resistance from the opposite element.

Glacial: + 10% water / -5% fire
Nature: + 10% earth / -5% air
Sacred: + 10% light / -5% darkness
Vulcan: + 10% fire / -5% water
Katrina: + 10% air / -5% earth
Dark: + 10% darkness / -5% light

The amulets also underwent a revision in their plunder, in addition to the existence of tiers II and III of them.


Reputation system

We made changes to the reputation system and how these points are distributed among players involved in deaths. Previously, up to 11 players were punished with bad fame points, where the principal received 5, five players with the most damage received 2, and another five still received 1. We reduced the total 20 points to 8, affecting only two players, 5 for the player who finishes and 3 for the player with the most damage.

We will be monitoring the changes along with the new actions of the players and an analysis will be carried out to understand if the change was positive, or if some adjustments still fit.


Punishment for PvP deaths

Penalties for player deaths have been cut in half. Currently, an unprotected player loses 70% of the current progression, and then will lose 35%. The total protection brought this loss to 20%, which is now 10%. Using parchments partially, reduces progressively.


Protection scroll values

We also made changes to the cost of protection scrolls. The same total of 100,000 gold will be maintained, however, it will be reached at level 150 and no longer at level 100.

  • Cost of each parchment at level 20: reduced from 1,000 to 500 gold
  • Cost of each parchment at level 100: reduced from 20,000 to 12,500
  • Cost of each scroll at level 150: 20,000


Auction House

The duration of an ad in the market has been increased. Free accounts changed from 3 to 5 days, while VIP from 10 to 15.


Entry to boss instances

Now, to enter an instantiated boss, it is necessary that the players are in the same group.



  • Changed the way paralysis cures to improve
  • Fixed an issue that allowed access to some ports where players pass through others
  • Fixed an issue in the quest The discovery of a new type of crystal
  • Fixed the daily Healing Tea mission, which delivered a divergent reward
  • Ability Protection of the Darkness element corrected to have no preparation time
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of some boss invasions
  • Fixed minor scenario errors
  • Fixed an issue that the golden horseshoes daily mission did not deliver crystals


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