Posted at: 2021-01-08

Patch Notes 1.21


1st Anniversary Event

The Christmas elf Lazyo had to make a forced landing in the castle tower of Donncaster, due to the infestation of pantominsters among the gifts. It is up to the player to collect the real gifts and return them to Lazyo, avoiding the creatures, as they are able to paralyze the player. But be careful! The grabbits continue to lurk to steal gifts!

New outfits

The birthday event brings with it new epic outfits! You can check it out on our store's website, but hurry, it's for a limited time!

End of Christmas event

Closing of the Christmas event. Products can still be exchanged until January 11

New themed decorative items

You can purchase new themed items for your collection!

Rewards for the Resonarium Temple

Now, there is a possibility for reward rooms to be accessed.


- Adjustments to Vlorah's marking ability
- Aykvar Ukaija had his damage increased and his marking skills adjusted
- Added to Belchior the items Brain of Sacrifice, Crystal of the First Light and Baer's Silver Key


- Fixed some bugs on the map
- Fixed a bug where Vlorah was reborn
- Fixed an issue with Vlorah loot
- Fixed the mission description “One more piece of magic”
- Fixed the Basilisk fire pump where no damage was applied


Smashing Lion Outfit

GAME UPDATES | 2021-07-30

Smashing Lion Outfit

Green Druid Outfit

GAME UPDATES | 2021-07-23

Green Druid Outfit

Royal Sorcerers Outfit

GAME UPDATES | 2021-07-16

Royal Sorcerers Outfit

Exiled Knights Outfit

GAME UPDATES | 2021-07-09

Exiled Knights Outfit

Monster Hunter Outfit

GAME UPDATES | 2021-07-02

Monster Hunter Outfit