Posted at: 2023-03-28

Patch Notes 140


- Turuk Na Num Desert: New area with several new hunts, quests, NPCs:
Venture into the Turuk Na Num Desert, where legendary creatures roam the dunes, protecting ancient mysteries waiting to be unraveled. But beware of the colossal Yutan Titan, the great worm capable of swallowing entire caravans of adventurers into its caves.

- Multiverse portal system with hunts of different difficulty levels:
Select different difficulty levels for the same hunt with the same enemies, but with greater or lesser power according to the selected difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher the XP obtained in the hunt. The easy level does not require instance tickets and the hunt location is not instantiated. In normal, hard and insane levels, it is possible to drop magic dust when defeating enemies.

- New Level 400 items:
We will have new sets of armor for all vocations with greater attributes of physical and magical defense, in addition to almost 20 new accessories such as rings and magic amulets for protection against different types of elements. It will also be possible to obtain Cohlscol´s weapons. They have a fire damage bonus against creatures. The power of this effect is enhanced by the weapon´s refinement level, and the final result can be increased if the weapon is charged by Cohlscol´s fire.

- New desert outfits:
Explore the desert with new costumes themed to this region! Eclipse the sun with the great sledgehammer of the barbarian heirs of Gilgamesh, parade the ancient powers of Sedmarath with the rise of the pharaohs. . . Or maybe you prefer the exotic soothsayer wizards, with their mysterious appearance? There are also the Hashashin, fearsome and stealthy assassins, lethal with ranged weapons. And to protect us from them, the fearless guardian knights of the desert!

- New improved refining hammer:
Upgraded refining hammers are available for sale in the in-game shop, which grant a higher chance to upgrade the weapon than the regular refining hammer.


- Improved drop chance of gem pouches in dungeons:
From the feedback collected on the desert test servers, we improved the drop of the dungeon gem pouches.

- New loots added to Boss Gargantula.

- Chance to spawn miniboss in the desert.

- Goblin Chief now has a chance to appear in goblin hunts.

- New passive skills for all vocations:
Do you have a lot of skill points left? With the new passive skills, you can use your skill points to strengthen your character however you want, giving you greater freedom to leverage your character´s priorities at a given time in the game.
Each passive has up to 15 levels to be upgraded and each level increases its purchase cost by 1 additional skill point.

- Skill window has been changed with tabs for active and passive spells.

- Updated the player client information window to view new attributes added.

- Bestiary: Update the locations of each creature.

- Updated bag creation system with new profession:
Bags will now be produced through the “Tailor” profession.

- Gem crafting system with new profession:
Gems will be produced through the “Jeweler” profession.

- System of placing gems in equipment:
Debut of the new system for imbuing, crafting, and upgrading gems into your gear. Remembering that the rarity of the item limits the amount and power of the gems that can be imbued in them. In this way, you will have even more freedom to customize your weapons according to your specific strategies, adding various bonuses such as mana, elemental damage, skill increase, evasion, damage amplification, increased critical, among many others!

- Update of item information in the client to view the gems.

- Loot collected by VIP players in 3x3:
From now on, players who have an active VIP will be able to collect loot in a 3x3 area.

- Improved item creation window: it is now possible to apply vocation, tier and category filters.

- Window for creating items: automating the texts to decrease in size for full visualization if necessary.

- trade window [purchase/sell]: automation of texts to decrease in size for full visualization if necessary.


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