Posted at: 2024-05-01

Patch Notes 147

 PATCHNOTES 147 [EDIT MAY 6, 2024]
This Patch Notes may undergo subsequent changes and additions (which will be marked with “Edit+date” if they occur). The update will take place on May 5th.

You need to download version 1.47 of the client to play after the update. We will make the download link available as soon as possible after the update is complete.

Hit gem III: corrected tooltip message that reported wrong value. Corrected to 7%.
Hit gem V: corrected tooltip message that reported wrong value. Corrected to 15%.

Boss Teniatus Shortcut: Fixed return location that took the player to the middle of spawn. Now the player will return to the same entrance room.

Invisible walls in Serposs: Fixed the places where they should be floors, but hindered the player´s passage, as they were configured as walls.

Inaccessible Brazilwood: Fixed the location where an inaccessible Brazilwood tree grew in the Kraken´s Mayor. It´s now possible to access it via stairs.

Mission “The Burden of the Solar Crown” from the quest “The Temple of Cohlscol”: corrected error with towers firing at a very high rate.

Dasmankor Furniture: New desert city-themed furniture has been added to the crystal shop.

Sandworm Spice Bag: New item with 65 slots that will be forged using fabric, leather and Sandworm Spice (item that drops from the “Sandworm Storm” mob, which appears only during sandstorms in the Turuk Na Num desert).

Teniatuss Furniture: Teniatuss Scales can now be used to craft furniture with unique textures to decorate your homes. Only characters who have already completed all the missions in her quest will enable this furniture in NPC Marta Lumberjill´s carpenter menu.

Boss Gargantula: added dark energy as a drop.

Drop of items to improve weapons from Level 400: the characteristics of the monsters and the drop chances of the items used for each vocation were analyzed so that they are as balanced as possible with each other.

Brazilwood: Increased number of Brazilwood Spawns in the Basmu and Hyann Odalisque caves.
Added Brazilwood spawns in Nahual, Juggernaut and Ice Elemental hunts.

Ice Elemental: decreased strength, reduced life, decreased max simultaneous spells.
Minor Ice Elemental: decreased strength and max spells simultaneously.
Van Kraken Hunter: decreased health and strength.
Van Kraken Peyker: XP increase and strength decrease.

Shortcut to the Wocelotl boss: added a room with a teleport to the Wocelotl boss in the Uhl mountain range, on the right side of the water mirror outside the Cohlscol Temple. Accessible only after completing the final mission “The Guardian Wocelotl” of the quest “The Temple of Cohlscol”.

Failstack for weapon refinement: New mechanic that creates an accumulation of failures for weapon improvements. Upon reaching the points limit, the player will receive a 100% chance bonus to improve their weapon. It only works when adding hammers (common or supreme) to the improvement attempt.

Skill and profession infusions: a different type of infusion will be available to be exchanged for lacrima with NPC Karamel each day, including new skill infusions (which give training bonuses to the main skill of your vocation) and collector (which gives experience bonuses for gathering professions).

New Weather Event: Sandstorm in the Turuk Na Num desert, which will spawn Storm Sandworms that drop Sandworm Spice.

Clawtab Outfits: On May 1st, Easter skins will be replaced in the store by Clawtab skins.

XP/Loot/Skill/Gathering/Stamina Tonics: items purchasable from the in-game store that grant a 50% bonus to one of these conditions automatically upon purchase. Its effect only lasts for one hour or until the next Server Save (whichever comes first). The Gathering profession´s Tonic works for the following professions: miner, lumberjack, fiber collector and skinner. The value of each tonic of the same type increases with each purchase made on the same day: 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000.

Shield training scrolls: their operation is identical to the character´s main skill training scrolls, with the difference that when using them it´s possible to train shields with a training dummy. The arena shield scroll trains 4x faster and the paid shield scroll trains 6x faster.

Polishing Stones: Changed the maximum purchase quantity of Polishing Stone 4 and Polishing Stone 5 to 3 and 2, respectively. Both had inverted limits.

Ulfnight: From the 10th to the 24th of May, everyone is invited to participate in the Ulfnight festival! You can help the heroes of Clawtab collect the precious stones known as “lacrima” directly from the beaks of sandworms! To do this, just talk to NPC Karamel in the central square of Donncaster. Next to it is a text manual explaining the mechanics of the event.


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End of Ulfnight event

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Patch Notes 147

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Patch Notes 147

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