Posted at: 2021-12-16

Patch Notes 1.29



Christmas event


Songs, snow and gifts! Claus and Christmas are here to make everyone happy! From 12/16 to 12/30 we will have an extraordinary Christmas event that calls on the braves of Bravebold to help our good glacier Yeti produce the gifts! Look for the necessary materials scattered throughout the Christmas lands and follow Claus's instructions so as not to make a mistake in the manufacture of each gift.

Christmas outfits

To get in the mood for the Christmas event, we've prepared themed costumes for you! Archers will be able to enjoy the elven nature with the Christmas Elf costume. Barbarians will be able to announce the Christmas bells… in the heads of their opponents, equipped as Santa Warriors. Knights will be dressed for the occasion in Xmas Night armor. Mages will display all the icy power of the North Pole in the Snow Mage costume. Shamans will embody their own light energy imbued with the power of the Spirit of lights apparel.


You can purchase it at:

Ranking - Christmas Event


Pay attention, be the best helper at this event, produce gifts and receive an exclusive prize! The top 10 placed among all servers will receive an exclusive trophy and an addon (to use the addon, you must have a Christmas outfit on your character)

Collection of Christmas decorative items


New Christmas items are available for your collections and decorations! Fill your home with the Christmas spirit with themed items such as a gift box depot, plush snowmen, Christmas backpacks, nutcracker training doll, Santa's sleigh, Christmas lamp, and more!



First Bronze Dungeon Pack (with first Gem Fragments):

A veteran adventurer named Musari Mbai has arrived at Donncaster's training ground and invites all the heroes to explore the dungeons he has discovered! In this premiere we present the first Bronze Dungeon pack, each of them below containing 3 difficulty levels:


- Goblins Dungeon for up to 3 adventurers;

- Animal Dungeon for up to 2 adventurers;

- Dungeon of Worms for up to 4 adventurers;

- Garden Nefas Plant Dungeon for up to 4 adventurers;


To access them, it is necessary to use bronze scrolls, which can be obtained 3 units a day with Musari himself. When exploring the dungeons, there is a chance to obtain Gem Fragment Bags. The higher the difficulty level of the dungeon, the greater the chance of winning them.


Gem Fragment Bags:

Their usage is not enabled at the moment, but you can take advantage of them to obtain them until the implementation of your usage system.

System with weather events and invasions


Rain or shine, sinking in snow or sailing blindly through a sea of mists, our Bloodstone heroes and heroines don't refuse the call of adventure!


From now on, players will be immersed in the climate system, initially relying on rain, fog and snow! All of them with random chance to occur in certain areas, where the challenges increase dramatically! Stay tuned!


The new creatures offer unique bags items, and will also be in your bestiary encyclopedia!

Lighting system


The lighting system in Bloodstone is activated! At first, only your character has lighting, and in the future other features will be implemented!


By default this system will be turned off.


House bidding system


We carry out improvements and corrections in the bidding system of the houses.

Effects of spells and client performance


Now, it will be possible to disable spell effects to improve your client's performance. This system is fully user configurable.

Hunting areas


We started work to improve some existing hunting areas. At this point, you will find the Eastgrove ant and spider areas completely revamped.





The Furia skill has been completely reworked. From now on, it activates whenever the character reaches 30% of their health points. The skill will be active for 12 seconds and its cooldown is 30 seconds.


While active, the Barbarian will have as a bonus:

Level 1: +20 two-hand skill points + your skill/3 and total damage increase by 5%

Level 2: +30 two-hand skill points + your skill/2 and total damage increase by 7%




The Curse, Electrocut, and Burn abilities are now support spells, no longer putting the character to exhaustion.


The Firewall and Energy Field abilities now apply burn and electrocut effects, dealing constant damage and reduced resistance to the corresponding element.



Increased the life points of the Nahual.



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